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Directory structure of Apache, PHP, MySQL after install AppServ.

Figure 1 Directory structure after install AppServ.

Directory structure of Apache Web Server
• apache/bin          Main Apache program.
• apache/conf         Apache config file.
• apache/error        Apache Error Template (Found on Apache2.x only).
• apache/icons        Apache icons.
• apache/logs         Apache Log file.
• apache/modules   Apache Modules.

Directory structure of MySQL Database
• mysql/bin             Main MySQL database execution file.
• mysql/data           MySQL database store.
• mysql/share          MySQL Error Message.

Directory structure of PHP
• php                      PHP Command line Execution and DLL Library.
• php/ext                PECL PHP Extension for PHP (Found on PHP5 only).
• php/extension       PECL PHP Extension for PHP (Found onPHP 4 only).
• php/PEAR              PEAR Framework Components for PHP

Directory structure of www file store.
• www                      Directory Root for Web page file.
• www/cgi-bin            CGI file directory.
• www/phpMyAdmin   phpMyAdmin program directory.
• www/appserv          AppServ file, you can delete it after install.
• www/index.php       AppServ index.php file you can delete it after install.


Ater install AppServ and understand about directory structure. You can write first program by PHP immediately and your program must store in C:/AppServ/www. If you need to test you program you can access via Browser. Specify you program on address bar e.g. http://localhost/test.php

Figure 2 Example test.php program on localhost.

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